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Our words shall remain here for the ages
thus we shall erect a Pokémon statue
we humans must learn to walk in harmony with them
they possess great insight and refuse the outside world

Those words echoed in Sharon's mind every time he undertook an expedition, especially when entering the ruins where once dwelled the ancient kings and nobles. Not long after the last Pokémon World Tournament, Sharon was given the opportunity to star in a documentary about the Abyssal Ruins in Undella Bay. The Abyssal Castle was once the resting place of an ancient king, and the media gathered around everything that could have a relation with the two heroes of the legend, like the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort, but it was never possible to reach all the chambers due to the depth, the related water pressure, and the streams that brought everything on the surface. In case of divers, not accomplishing the decompression stops was fatal in most cases. Also, few Pokémon could reach the lowest rooms of the castle, making every expedition almost impossible to everyone, and those lucky divers that managed to reach the final levels of the ruins, were tossed away by the streams a second after seeing the first texts in the walls.

The last technologies managed to break this barrier, and when Professor Sharon Osbourne was asked to cooperate in the expedition led by Professor Katee Peach, his best friend, he gladly accepted with all his support... only to find himself underwater and without the slightest idea of what to do, a thing that disturbed him. To make matters worse, he borrowed the technology needed for the expedition from an old friend that accepted to lend it at a particular cost... supervise Sharon's underwater walk.
«Kiddo, you hear me?» Archie's voice spread through the communicator in the Aqua Suit, Sharon was irritated by the presence of the former Aqua Admin, though he could not do anything but asking his help: they made a pact years ago, after an incident in the Hoenn region, and though they look like they could not stand each other, they got along well.
«Loud and clear, I'm walking down to the third level...» Sharon sighed, watching the surroundings to better tell where he was going. A camera was mounted in the helmet, so Archie and Katee would follow his moves from the boat on the surface. Seaweed, his trusted Blastoise, was slowly swimming beside him while he mentally repeated the inscriptions seen in the previous chambers.
«Now there is something interesting. Look that wall at your left!» Katee's voice caught Sharon's attention to the wall, that was instantly illuminated by the spectral light in the suit. The Professor's purple eyes widened while seeing the dark figures and the glyphs in the wall. Seaweed gazed them for a second and looked somewhere else, he was not the type to stand such things for long, as Sharon was more fond of spiritual expeditions in haunted manors and almost never relied on his water Pokémon for things like this.
«Really interesting.» Sharon echoed Katee, while Archie instantly took the communicator.
«Decipher it! We're registering up here!» the man's voice made Sharon rise an eyebrow.
«That's what I'm supposed to do. I don't understand why I could not translate it from the boat!» he complained.
«Don't lose yourself in your usual chats! Make Seaweed go right there, I see something reflecting the light!»
Seaweed had not need to hear it from Sharon, as Archie's voice reached his ears he swimmed in the shadowed corner to fetch a stone, resembling a little statue. When Sharon got his hands on the relic, he started to examine it.
On the surface world, Katee was enjoying the sunny day in the deck of the white boat they were using for the expedition, with Archie beside her. The two were watching the images that Sharon was registering with the Aqua Suit, and when the conversation continued she instantly turned her gaze to the former Aqua Admin with candid curiosity.
«Why you let him go down there alone?» she asked.
«Years ago he managed to outdrink me, we made a bet, and this is the result.» he cackled «He's not going alone by the way, I'm sure he'll need some help later, so I planned a little addition to his descent.»
«Oh.» The woman nodded, thinking about the last events that brought her to Kalos, and the last time she and her friend had worked together. In a matter of seconds, Sharon's sigh was spread by the communicator, and Katee pointed her blue eyes to the screen.
«And I was supposed to not lose myself in my usual chats!» Sharon said, a little sarcastic.
«What are the writings about?» Katee asked.
«I'll translate the better that I can...» Sharon replied, before starting to read the glyphs in the wall.

In times that are long passed away, two heroes accompanied the sons of man through history. One was a kind man who fought hatred and pursued peace, his seal was white as the light of the sun, and his fiery heart showed the Truth of his words. The other was a brave man who fought corruption and pursued justice, his seal was black as the shadows of the night, and his sword the bringer of his Ideals.

«We already know about that...» Archie complained.
«Finally not a bunch of dates and names we already have in history books... this one matches the inscriptions in the Relic Castle.» Katee added.
«What was in the Relic Castle?» the man asked.
«We had Juniper's assistant visit the Relic Castle before this expedition, these words appear in the lower levels of the underground city. Though Relic Castle looks bigger than the Abyssal Castle, we actually think that the accessible structure of the latter is like the tip of an iceberg.» Katee explained the theories about the site «Besides, it is known that Abyssal Castle and Relic Castle were the sites where the two heroes resided. Thus, we could find evidence of Unovan history before the first war.»
«And why I was chosen to do an underwater expedition rather than the one full of sand and dust?» Sharon complained through the communicator.
«Because we thought about your entomophobia and acted out of consequence.» Katee answered, making both Archie and Sharon rise their eyebrows at this consideration.
«I don't want to know anything more about Relic Castle then.» Sharon stated, while Katee showed to Archie another laptop some pictures with the sightings of a giant moth Pokémon, a thing that made him cackle a bit.
«You have another hour before coming back, scamp! So make use of this time to decipher the inscriptions.»
«May I continue to read them or you want to make fun of my phobias a little longer?» Sharon's sarcastic question made Katee and Archie laugh.
«Touchy as always! Go for it!» Katee pointed her eyes on the screen, watching the pictures filmed by the camera.

Between these two heroes, a Dragon stood to set their words and deeds, as it did for the heroes of old. Driven to err by base desires, the heroes took different paths in their too short lives. Undying, the Dragon continued to serve the wayward sons in an act of love, as it would have been for the aeons to pass. But his form was but a memory, cold and still, and for its masters it should form anew, to take their seals, to take their stand, to be their sword. So it came the Time of the Black and the White.

«A crossroads.» Sharon interrupted the deciphering while reaching the Crossroads, the light was not clearing the path and the structure began to seem smaller to a careful eye. The lowest levels of the castle, built before the expansion of the structure, were more functional than lavish, yet they cared for harmony and proportions. Coming closer to a wall, Sharon passed the hand on the wall to better tell the nature of the stone and how the structure was built.
«There is another fresco right there, what does it say?» Katee pointed the fresco in the monitor while Sharon turned at it to register the images with the cam. Sharon's eyes gazed the fresco with two Dragons battling each other.

The Time of the Black and the White, or when the Good and Evil started to be. Toward waste the Gray sons run, who let the rose of knowledge fall in unworthy hands. The war brought tears, and the tears formed waves, be them red or blue they should take from the heroes the gift they were unable to be grateful for, so that the Blood of the Dragon might endure. Hope and Future were then swallowed by shadows, the same that once claimed to be servants of light and covered the world in darkness.
That's why a hero was asked to shine bright, while the other was asked to act strong.

«Be them red or blue... like ground or water. It reminds me something.» Archie reflected, listening to the translation.
«Our robots estimated that both the Hall of Hope and Hall of Future lead to the lowest levels of the Castle. No one ever went down the fourth level.» Katee stated, and Sharon gazed the crossroads looking for other information. Seaweed knew where to go even before Sharon could speak, so his trainer was forced to follow him. As they went down the stairs, swimming in the dark alleys of the primal structure of the Castle, a ghost came closer to them. For a second, Sharon sweated cold, but he was relieved when he saw Archie's Lanturn, Luna, approaching him and Seaweed with her orbs illuminating the path.
«You think I really let you explore this thing all alone?» Sharon heard Archie's voice on the communicator right after Luna was close enough to show her face, for a second he thought she was smiling, to which he replied with another smile.
«Translation, time is running low my boys!» Katee picked up the communicator, and Sharon continued deciphering the gliphs. With Luna lighting the path, the descent was more simple.
«The text are a little ruined here... but it is still readable, I think.» Sharon stated, looking for a second to Luna that lighted the fresco in a second. Though, the professor's main worry was Seaweed, that swimmed along with not much effort. He sighed, hoping to be out of that maze as soon as possible.

The Prince of Truth was helped by Reshiram, the White Dragon, which inherited the fiery heart of his master. Reshiram burned the lies with its gaze, and with fire the White Prince was going to reclaim what he was his. The Prince of Ideals was helped by Zekrom, the Black Dragon, which inherited the lightbringer sword of his master. Zekrom stroke the corrupted with its light, and with blood the Black Prince was going to reclaim what he was his. What was... left of... Va...hi-rom...

«Wait a second, what have you said?» Katee came closer to the screen, looking at the picture of the fresco.

What was left of Vahirom was the cocoon of what once was the Gray Dragon, known as Kyurem. Vahirom was no more, while Zekrom and Reshiram came to birth in the Time of the Black and the White. The wisdom, the unending power of the Dragon who served the Gray sons was then divided in two, with Vahirom being lost in the memories of old.

The translation was interrupted by both Luna and Seaweed, who turned their gaze to a giant statue in the chamber, nearly eighteen feet of stone of what would have been a dragon. When Sharon saw the statue, he thought he was in the presence of a ghost. At least, something similar to what he was used to do, though he felt unsettled for an unknown reason. The statue seemed to come directly from the shadows, and even Luna could not light all the chamber with Flash, casting the darkest shadows in the furthest corners. The three swimmed up to see the figure of the Dragon from another angle, when Katee and Archie saw the pictures of the statue they were both speechless.
«I suppose this is a statue of Vahirom, the Dragon of old. You see the resemblance with Zekrom there... in the wings. And with Reshiram... look at the tail. We're going a step forward in the evidences of Unovan history, just look at how this statue is perfectly shaped, I see a masterwork like this only done in generations of sculptors. And look, the claws and the spikes on the joints look like... gold.» Sharon commented, while Katee and Archie watched silently.
«This is incredible, there was not something like this in Relic Castle, though we could assume that a chamber of the same dimensions was recently covered by the sands.» Katee reflected out loud, while Sharon was going closer to the head of the Dragon, watching him out of a candid curiosity about the nature of the statue, and the Pokémon that inspired it. But something made him feel unsettled, maybe it was the place so dark or the air running low.

Or maybe the eyes of the statue, that opened wide showing an amber glow that made Sharon tremble. For a second, the statue looked alive, a thing that maybe Katee and Archie didn't notice. But the Dragon was not a statue, for it was not made of stone. For seconds that seemed an eternity, the communication with the Aqua Suit began to cease.

Fear not Purple descendant of Lavender, don't let your soul lose the harmony for such vision.

A bitonal voice reached Sharon's mind, and his eyes widened first in fear, then acknowledging what was really happening down there. He made a long breath to better stand the situation, because having the face of a legendary, living, and ancient Dragon closer than a yard was not something that would happen everyday. While Katee and Archie could not see any differences in the pictures of the Aqua Suit cam, they actually saw the eyelids of the Dragon blinking. And soon they knew.
«This is not possible...» Katee gasped, amazed by the event.
«I think I should have accompanied him...» Archie watched the scene astonished «... lucky freak.» he shook his head.
«Va... Vahirom?» Sharon rised his eyebrows watching the Dragon, floating still in front of his face. Though he knew of the great insight the legendaries always had, such has the ability to communicate with human minds, he was amazed to see how the Dragon had not managed to feast on him and the two Pokémons. He was thinking about some mental conversation to have with the legendary Pokémon, but nothing seemed to happened except the words he previously heard.
«Sharon? Sharon! What are you doing, you stupid kiddo! Come back immediately!» Archie's voice came unlistened, and thus Sharon was still there looking at Vahirom, lost in a trance state.
«For Arceus's sake, Sharon! Go away, that's enough!» Katee was starting to worry about her best friend. Though it was a unique event to see a legendary Pokémon, it was also not the reason to risk the life of someone. It was like many years ago, in Hoenn, she was the one who sent Sharon in the region on her behalf, and she didn't want to repeat the experience once again.

Humans ever skew learning from history, driven by the thirst of power and knowledge. Eternal, I am just a history steward, I sought to save Unova in times passed, but now nothing is upon my judgment. Only those with the Black and the White could set the course and keep it true, unless...

«What?» Sharon candidly asked, as if he were talking to a person. Though, the reverential fear of the Pokémon, like he was in the presence of a God, was strong and never abandoned him.

... unless the Gray reclaims all to the primeval nothing.

«It all always comes to this, the Blue Primordial Void. Every culture has its counterpart.» Sharon murmured. There was nothing else possible for the world? Only having two sides always in war or the absolute nothing?

Now heed these words for I will not repeat them. Your search is not complete, but what you're looking for it will be given to the chosen bearer, or to none.

«I see... the ones who managed to awake the Dragons.» Sharon reflected. For Archie and Katee, he was just talking by himself, but they instantly understood what was happening. The three had a similar thing with the legendary Kyogre, many years before. Instantly, Vahirom managed to cross Sharon's gaze, sending a vision of two swords, with one glowing gem each, which would bear unbelievable power. One sword was dark and black like obsidian, the other was white and pale like quartz. For a second, Sharon could swear that behind Vahirom lied the Black Sword, the Sword of Hope, stuck in a stone altar, and he was here only to protect the sword for the chosen one. As he managed to acknowledge the presence of the sword, Vahirom's tail glowed and started to spin like a turbine, generating a torrent stream that started to fill the great chamber.

No one should reach this chamber again but the chosen one, what remains of me will protect what the Gray sons have left for their descendants, in order to stand the dark times to come. Now leave, Purple noble of Lavender, send the message and make the history keep its course.

The communication with the Aqua Suit cam was interrupted, and for the next hours Archie and Katee were thinking the worse about Sharon. Fortunately enough, they found the unconscious body of their friend laying on Seaweed's shell, while Luna jumped around the boat to warn her trainer about their coming back.

The sun was setting when Sharon woke up aboard the ship, visited by a medic, he saw Archie and Katee watching him with a reprimanding glare. Only when the doctor stated that there were no dangers from decompression, the three sighed with relieve, but Archie and Katee were still agry with the reckless Sharon, who managed to stay with the legendary Pokémon longer than they planned.
«You did it again. Were you wishing to be stuck again in a coma for nearly a year?» Archie scolded him, while Katee sat beside Sharon, watching him and trying to keep calm, only happy that what she was thinking had not happened.
«What happened there? You were talking with... Vahirom, when something happened.» she asked.
«The Dragon said something about the Chosen Ones. Nothing else. Just take me a pen and a piece of paper, I have to draw something before I can't remember it.» this was the only request of Sharon before he could draw the swords he had seen in his vision and behind Vahirom, the only things that maybe made a sense in all the expedition, that for hours, even days, looked in his mind like a dream rather than a real experience.
«What are these things?» Archie saw Sharon's drawings without realizing what he was doing.
«You could imagine what I have thought when Vahirom sent me a mental image of two swords with a glowing gem... right here, almost at the end of the blade.» he continued to draw, pointing the sketched gem with the pen, then he frowned at Archie, and Katee «Really you can't imagine?»
«I can. This makes me uncomfortable. Those things in the hands of such kids...» he said, then Sharon laughed.
«I'm sure we can trust them... since the last events, I know the future will be in good hands.» Katee said, coming closer to the window only to see two figures roaming the sky, one white and the other black, flying towards the setting sun.
Hope and Future
My entry for ky-nim's Vs Vahirom contest, in which my OCs and the appearance of a wild Archie encounter the original Dragon that created Reshiram and Zekrom. I didn't write in english since ages, so I hope it's all ok XD
I uploaded it right after finishing the plot because I didn't want to be stuck in rearranging the sentences until it's too late, like I always do <.<
I would like to thank Kynim and the other hosts of the contest to have given me the opportunity and inspiration to write this *-* I always wanted to write(well, finish to write) something about my Pokémon OCs and share bits of their stories, but I always lost myself in the middle of lore, random researches and other things, so I did not really accomplished a thing except this entry. Hope you enjoy it! *__*

Myths of Unova and Vahirom (c) Kynim
Sharon Osbourne, Katee Peach (c) me
Pokémon (c) Gamefreak
The Moon Warriors by ShmoryGilmore
The Moon Warriors
I made some fun with the Judoon instant translator, and I thought how Dany's name would have been in Judoon. Well, Missandei is only saying Dany's full name, in Judoon! The backstory would be something like a book-related paradox with the show(crack in the wall, wibbly wobbly timey wimey, where are Victarion and Euron?!), and we still don't know HOW Dragonbinder will reach Daenerys or someone in Essos, at least in the show. The Doctor has set up an alliance with Dany and the Judoon(who are in the search of someone in the planet) to work against a common enemy. OMG this is escalating quickly >_> I have to remaster the intervention of Clara in the Red Wedding!
I'm right here... by ShmoryGilmore
I'm right here...
... standing in front of you. Please. Just... Just see me.
Oh well, that's my first thought at this scene: yes, Doctor! Just an idea! *screams in the pillow*
And yes, I'm a really big fan of Clara. >.> <.<
I've decided to post some recent and less recent pics, I may post also some really really old scraps I have on the archive because I was supposed to do that but I haven't :P
By the way, lovely and amazing :iconhyascinthe: is taking commissions for a living, take a look to her awesome art and ask her for an artwork and the prices *__* spread the word if you(yes, I'm talking to you XD) casually pass here on my journal!


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